I’m Di Johnson, mother to two, dog owner (important canine co-recipe developer), beach walker, educator, wife of a husband who’s happy to consume successes and disasters alike, and a registered nutritionist specialising in Nutrition in Public Health and Exercise and Sport. Since graduating in food science and nutrition I’ve worked in all types of food industry roles, usually contributing specialist knowledge as a consultant. I love the eclectic mix of corporate training, recipe development, one to one consultations, hospitality, sport and media work. To be fair, it's not really work, but it is great fun! ​


I want to encourage everybody to have a great relationship with food. I feel that enjoying beautiful, properly prepared food from an early age can have a really positive impact on health, both physically and mentally. There are NO demon foods, daily diets should be balanced, varied and thoroughly enjoyable within the parameters of preference.


My first food influence was visiting Reeds with my Mother. This was a very special food store in the market town where I lived in Lancashire. This was where you were blasted away with the delicious waft of freshly ground coffee as you walked in through the entrance with a big brass clanging bell announcing your arrival. You could watch them pat butter, wrap cheese in paper and slice bacon on the massive, ancient bacon slicer. Piles of fascinating boxes and packets were heaped on high shelves all around the shop which looked chaotic, but apparently, the assistants in full-length white aprons could find anything, instantly. 

When I was old enough I worked at a deli called The Magic Oven. It was magic too. Here I learned how to make a variety of dishes   including crispy meringues with fluffy centres, authentic Italian pizzas, unctuous gateau, fabulous salads and deliciously spicy goulash. This, and my fabulously enthusiastic and talented food teacher at senior school persuaded me that the world of food was the only place for me to work. So I studied Nutrition and Food Science at degree level becoming a Registered Nutritionist. I have always enjoyed keeping up with new science proven nutrition information and love to continue with my training. Nothing stands still in the food world.


Roll on a few years… I was runner-up in the annual UK Good Housekeeping Cook of the Year competition. My main memories of this were dragging a heavy suitcase round London with all my food and special equipment in, trying not to get lost (something I do with alarming regularity) and willing the judges to leave me alone and not chat as they turned up at the trickiest points of culinary jeopardy during prep and cooking! Thank you, Aggie Mackenzie, James Martin and Prue Leith! I was really pleased to get through the two rounds and be runner-up with fabulous prizes from Bosch.


I love all aspects of food from production and retail to hospitality I enjoy helping families, sports teams and sportsmen and women and all the new innovations in food that abound the industry and writing about new food trends and advances. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions! 



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