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I want to encourage everybody to have a great relationship with food. I feel that enjoying beautiful, properly prepared food from an early age can have a really positive impact on health, both physically and mentally.

I love all aspects of food from production and retail to hospitality I enjoy helping families, sports teams and sportsmen and women and all the new innovations in food that abound the industry. ​

Tailoring the information for your readership, we have been writing for company websites, consumer pages, the NHS, the RSPH, food manufacturers, school projects, contract caterers giving informed, accurate, concise information for all media and training platforms.

Diane Johnson

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Our friends @WRAP_UK has shared some links with us for those hospitality businesses who unfortunately have surplus food due to changes in tiers this week >>

@the_SRA also has an excellent guide too >>

Quick, #budget, #pea and ham soup in a pressure cooker Food needs to ba affordable for everyone. This was 2018. It would be interesting to do a comparison for 2020 and also 2021 - perhaps annually?

Timing is everything - my tweet on alcohol and Crepe Suzette and @ThamesVP on Operation Holly #ItsNotWorthTheRisk

Dishes cooked with alcohol may have more residual alcohol after cooking than you think. Crepes Suzette retains 2/3rds of the added alcohol after flambeing. The flames only burn off the alcohol vapour. #Foodie

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