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This presentation is designed to be delivered by the coach and provides comprehensive and practical information in an accessible manner. The aim is to provide uncomplicated, straightforward, accurate information which enables the coach to focus on the nitty gritty of coaching. No need to create a nutrition presentation and training materials from scratch in what can be a difficult subject area. The information is clear, concise and uncomplicated, allowing the athletes to assess their own diets in an interactive way and plan steps towards change.



The Presentation

Consisting of over 50 slides in PP or Keynote, this presentation comes with explanatory, supporting coach notes for each slide in a separate PDF to download, ready to print off.  There is also a downloadable course work booklet for the athletes’ activities to support the presentation. Information included to consolidate their knowledge, including a team quiz at the end to check knowledge and a three day diary for them to fill in whilst at home.

It is important to enable honest discussions and in doing so assist with the young athletes’ choices and plans for a healthy and nutritious diet going forward. Whilst the top GB teams  often benefit from a Nutritionist and Nutrition Chefs, the progressing youth often have little, or no support and are exposed to poor diet options and trends. This presentation will enable the coach to support the athletes and allow them access to the information they need to plan a healthy diet, and so perform at optimum levels.

Many young people have a background of poor eating habits so this training package aimed at improving dietary habits starts at the basics with what an optimum diet looks like and then adds to this platform for athletes to develop towards a good sports diet. Budgetary considerations are included throughout, reducing the demand on the athlete and family to provide expensive ingredients.

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