If you don’t have a food processor use a potato masher. A slightly more rustic finish can be really very appealing.

Ingredients: Produces 4 good portions
2x400g canned chickpeas
4 cloves of garlic crushed
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tbs ground cumin
1 onion chopped
2 tablespoons fresh coriander, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
1/4 tsp mixed spices
Salt & pepper

Drain the cans of chickpeas.
Put all the ingredients into a food processor, and blend until you get a dough-like mixture.
Remove and keep in the fridge for 1 hour.
Divide and shape the mixture into small balls, the size of a walnut.
Shallow fry gently until browned. At this point you can pop them onto a tray in the oven whilst you prepare salad etc.

Serve warm, rolled in pitta bread, with added salad and tarator, or eat cold as snacks.