Poached Salmon for Baby

Approximately 4 baby portions Salmon is a great food for babies as it contains Omega 3 which is found in oily fish and great for brain development.

1 salmon fillet

Check through the fillet for any bones and remove. You can use a pair of culinary tweezers for this – or buy tweezers from the chemist (dedicate them to food only for food safety!) or use your fingers. Run your fingers down the fish to feel for any bones and remove as you go.

Take a frying pan (non-stick is perfect for this) add sufficient water to cover the fish and gently cook on the hob until all the flesh has gone opaque.

Lift the fish out with a fish slice and once cool enough check for bones again and serve the fish flakes without the skin.

Obviously fish vary in size, but you can usually get an average of 4 portions from a fillet.

Tip: Mashing this with a teaspoon or two of cream cheese, a little cooking water to loosen the mix and/or a dash of lemon juice makes a lovely salmon fish pate that can be used with vegetable sticks, bread or breadsticks.