We have worked both nationally and internationally with individuals, groups and teams.

Look at our coach resource for presenting to young athletes. Consisting of a comprehensive slide deck, expansive coach notes and athlete’s workbook. All the work done for you all you need to do is gather your group together and present!

Diane, as a registered sports nutritionist has experience of a variety of sports on and off the water, team field sports and athletics. She has trained athletes, coaches and chefs in the best nutrition for athletes for them to gain their optimum performance in their sport.

Diane is available to advise on individuals’ and team diets, catering resources at sport facilities and best practice to maximise nutrition.

We also have a downloadable resource of a classroom based presentation for young athletes to aid with their journey to success. This is designed for coaches to deliver to athletes, supported with slides, coach notes and athletes’ workbooks. This comprehensive resource can be the foundation for exploring dietary habits in an informed, non confrontational and accessible manner.

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