Realistic weight loss that helps you develop healthy habits for life

Some weight loss programmes rely on expensive pre-prepared supplements or branded convenience foods. I encourage eating straightforward, normal food, easily and inexpensively sourced in your local shops. You should be able to lose weight and maintain the loss on a sensible balanced diet which fulfills all your dietary needs.

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No Fads or Gimmicks

Group sessions with weigh-ins are not for everyone. I can offer you steady progress and a gentle way forward to a healthier and stronger lifestyle at your pace and advise you along the way, giving you information and support on an individual basis. I can assist with barriers that stand in your way to success and provide solutions to those typical stumbling blocks. Losing weight is not the elixir some commercial weight loss consultants profess.


I cannot advise that weight loss will make you more successful, happier, wealthier, or more popular,
but I can help you lose weight!

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If this sounds like your kind of approach, with no purchases of branded supplements or meals required, just simple, straightforward science-led information from a qualified, registered nutritionist I can help you achieve your goals.