Bean Goulash for Baby

30 baby portions

Ingredients:DSC003341 tablespoon oil
1 small onion, peeled and chopped finely
1  clove of garlic
1 red pepper deseeded and chopped
1 can (400g) of butter beans with no added salt or sugar
1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
1 can of chopped tomatoes, or plum peeled tomatoes
Tablespoon of peas

Using a heavy-bottomed pan add the oil and the peeled and chopped onion. Take the clove of garlic take the top and base off (top and tail) and remove the skin using a chopping board. Chop finely, then squashing the garlic with the flat of your knife drag it across the garlic repeatedly until it squashes into a fine paste. Once stirred in this means the flavour will be evenly distributed through the dish.

Once the onion has softened – this takes about three or four minutes, add the garlic, butter beans, smoked paprika and tomatoes and simmer for approximately 20 minutes or until all the ingredients are softened.

Add the peas, heat through and mash.

Serve when cooled sufficiently for baby.

This can be served with a little splodge of unsweetened Greek yogurt and some pitta bread fingers.

Tip: This is good as a meal for more members of the family and the texture can be varied to suit family tastes. It can also be frozen in portions for a busy day ahead. Always heat thoroughly and then allow to cool for baby.DSC00299