How to boil an egg…

A pan large enough for the number of eggs to move around freely in the water,
A spoon to pop eggs in and out of pan
Egg cups to serve 1 or two eggs per person.  Make sure the eggs are as fresh as possible. Check the red Lion Mark “Best Before” date on the shell.

Take them out of the fridge 30 minutes before using for best results. Sliced bread which may be toasted, buttered and cut into rectangles (soldiers) to serve. Place the pan on the hob with the eggs, ensuring they are covered by the water. Heat the water until large busy bubbles are rising to the surface. Reduce the heat so that the bubbles become smaller and stream. This is called simmering. A quiet pan and gentle bubble stream is providing a gentle simmer.

Set your timer for the following results: 3 minutes dippy eggs (soft yolk) great for toasted soldiers 5 minutes set white, lightly set yolk, 7 minutes hard boiled eggs. For hard boiled eggs avoid the grey ring around the yolk by cooling eggs quickly with their shells cracked under cold running water.