Slow Cooked Goat with a Spicy Rub

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1 shoulder of goat
1 tablespoon each of the following seeds coriander, fenugreek and cumin
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 lemon chopped and bruised

*tip: Goat is a great replacement for lamb as it is less fatty, firmer and very tasty. The male billy goats are an unwanted resource in the dairy industry so would normally be culled at birth, but this is a fast growing market in the UK where more suppliers are springing up. Worldwide goat holds the most market share of the meat market, topping 60% of worldwide trade.

Toast seeds gently in a pan, then crush seeds thoroughly in a mortar and pestle and combine all spices together with the olive oil. This really brings the spices to life. Apply the spice mix generously to the meat.

Allow the meat to stand for at least half an hour before cooking. Add a splash of water to a roast pan and place the meat on a roasting grid and cook for 2-3 hours at Gas Mark 3, 160ºC or 140ºC fan, until the meat is falling off the bone.

This may also be cooked in a slow cooker on low for 6 hours, or more.